March 24, 2011

Summer Nights at Seaworld 2011 Dates and Information!

Seaworld After Dark was renamed to Summer Nights at Seaworld for the 2011 event! The Summer Nights tagline comes from Busch Gardens Tampa's Summer Nights. Seaworld's summer event in the prior years included Shamu Rocks, which is confirmed to be returning, Sea Lions Tonite and Reflections! The dates for the event are June 25th through August 14th.

One of the highlights of the night besides the fantastic entertainment is riding all of the world class thrill rides at night. My favorite includes Manta, the newest coaster at the park. Thanks for viewing and we will be sure to update when we get more information on the event. 


Anonymous said...

will anybody be able to know what the sea world night show date is?

Anthony Armenia said...

What show do you mean? All of the shows are nightly June 25th through August 14th.

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