March 30, 2011

Tilikum's Return to Believe!

Today Tilikum returned to Believe after a little over a year ago's tragedy. He was known as Tili or better known than Shamu. He was removed after the incident but still was involved with the trainers and other whales backstage. His big return happened today at the 11:30 show where a packed stadium watched and cheered him on. Here is a video of Tilikum's return from Barb Nefer:

Here is a statement from Kelly Flaherty Clark, Animal Training Curator, SeaWorld Orlando about Tilikum's return to Believe:

"As previously announced in February, SeaWorld has resumed Tilikum’s participation in the current killer whale show, “Believe.”
Participating in shows is just a portion of Tilikum’s day, but we feel it is an important component of his physical, social and mental enrichment. He has been regularly interacting with his trainers and the other whales for purposes of training, exercise and social and mental stimulation, and has enjoyed access to all of the pools in the Shamu Stadium complex.
We will be using the same methods in caring for Tilikum that have been in place for more than a year."

Believe will close later next month and be replaced by One Ocean soon after which will include Tilikum also.

March 27, 2011

One Ocean Set Construction & General Park Update

Yesterday, we headed out to SWO to see the progress on One Ocean's set. One Ocean's set is almost complete, and it looks amazing! The set is still keeping the same basic structure from Believe, with the fluke as the center piece, and the 3 level stage. Much of the work done was an artistic redesign, taking the old black and blue stage and adding a major blast of color, adding yellow, red and orange, making the center stage look like the sun rising.
The sides of Shamu stadium were painted a light blue to match the new set design. Another interesting update to the set is the new fountain system. Around the rim of the habitat, there are steel poles set up. An employee confirmed that these are a new fountain that will be used to spray audience members just in case Shamu doesn't. 
In other news, An adorable alpaca was greeting guests in Animal Connections at the Sea Gardens. Thanks for viewing and be sure to follow us on Twitter @SWONation for the latest SWO news!

Keep checking back for even more updates on Seaworld Orlando. Including reviews of tours, first looks and more! 

March 24, 2011

Summer Nights at Seaworld 2011 Dates and Information!

Seaworld After Dark was renamed to Summer Nights at Seaworld for the 2011 event! The Summer Nights tagline comes from Busch Gardens Tampa's Summer Nights. Seaworld's summer event in the prior years included Shamu Rocks, which is confirmed to be returning, Sea Lions Tonite and Reflections! The dates for the event are June 25th through August 14th.

One of the highlights of the night besides the fantastic entertainment is riding all of the world class thrill rides at night. My favorite includes Manta, the newest coaster at the park. Thanks for viewing and we will be sure to update when we get more information on the event. 

March 22, 2011

SeaWorld Orlando Thanks Florida Teachers with Free “Study Pass"

SeaWorld Orlando thanks teachers by offering a “Study Pass”
to all active and certified K-12 grade school instructors. It’s a free 2011 Fun Card allowing unlimited admission to SeaWorld Orlando now through year’s end, with no blackout dates.
For even more savings, until May 31, teachers can purchase up to six additional tickets at $20 off each admission, sharing the SeaWorld Orlando fun with family and friends. More details can be found at
The “Study Pass” is intended to be an inspiration, too. Whether it’s visiting Penguin Encounter to prepare for a classroom session on environmental issues in the southern hemisphere or riding Manta, the flying roller coaster, to help explain physics and gravity, the park’s experiences give teachers the unique opportunity to use their SeaWorld visit to help enhance their curriculum.
In fact, is a starting point for teachers to learn about all SeaWorld has to offer. Getting the “Study Pass” is easy. Teachers simply bring their Florida teaching certificate, recent paystub and photo ID to any ticket window at SeaWorld Orlando’s front gate. Right then, they can purchase discounted admission for family and friends.
“Sharing marine life knowledge with students is one of our core values,” said Terry Prather, SeaWorld Orlando’s president. “At SeaWorld Orlando alone, more than 100,000 students pass through our camp and field trip programs every year. We know how important a strong educational foundation is for our youth and we want to thank teachers for their years of devotion and passion.

March 21, 2011

Welcome to SWONation

Welcome to SWONation, a part of BGTNation. We will be updating you with all the happenings at Seaworld Orlando, Aquatica, and Discovery Cove! Seaworld has always been one of our favorite parks and we look forward to brining you the latest news, information and more on Seaworld Orlando. Feel free to check out our tabs on the right side of the page and more will be added very soon. Thanks for viewing and be sure to check back soon for updates on the park.