March 27, 2011

One Ocean Set Construction & General Park Update

Yesterday, we headed out to SWO to see the progress on One Ocean's set. One Ocean's set is almost complete, and it looks amazing! The set is still keeping the same basic structure from Believe, with the fluke as the center piece, and the 3 level stage. Much of the work done was an artistic redesign, taking the old black and blue stage and adding a major blast of color, adding yellow, red and orange, making the center stage look like the sun rising.
The sides of Shamu stadium were painted a light blue to match the new set design. Another interesting update to the set is the new fountain system. Around the rim of the habitat, there are steel poles set up. An employee confirmed that these are a new fountain that will be used to spray audience members just in case Shamu doesn't. 
In other news, An adorable alpaca was greeting guests in Animal Connections at the Sea Gardens. Thanks for viewing and be sure to follow us on Twitter @SWONation for the latest SWO news!

Keep checking back for even more updates on Seaworld Orlando. Including reviews of tours, first looks and more! 


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