June 22, 2011

SeaWorld Orlando Releases Three Green Sea Turtles Back into Their Native Waters

Today three green sea turtles were released back into waters of Florida’s east coast. All three turtles were rehabilitated by SeaWorld Orlando’s animal rescue team. The first turtle to be released --a quite large, 20-inch turtle-- was brought to SeaWorld’s rehabilitation facility in January of this year with pneumonia. Considered a sub-adult, this female green sea turtle was given around-the-clock care by the Park’s turtle specialists. She was released today in Eddy Creek, and the aquarium team has confidence she will do just fine back in the wild.
A turtle that was recently brought to SeaWorld for a shell infection and barnacles also was released today. Barnacles can cause stress and disable the flippers of the turtle. After carefully removing the barnacles, the aquarium team nursed the young turtle’s shell back to health. Turtle specialists are optimistic about the turtles release back into Cape Canaveral. The day of turtle releases ended with the third green sea turtle which was rescued in December of 2010 for fishing line ingestion, which is a common injury for sea turtles. SeaWorld’s care team aided this turtle back to health by removing the line and monitoring the turtle’s weight until it reached a healthy benchmark. The fastest of the three turtles took off into the waves, which aquarists say is a good sign.
“Today’s release went well, and we’re happy that the turtle’s are fully recovered and are safely back into their natural habitats,” said Dan Conklin, SeaWorld Orlando’s Supervisor of Aquarium.
Coinciding with today’s release is this Friday’s, June 24, launch of "Turtle: The Incredible Journey", the first movie from SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s newly formed SeaWorld Pictures division, in theaters across the country and at Pointe Orlando and Oviedo Marketplace in Central Florida. It's a stunning family documentary and award-winning film that follows the life and migration of a loggerhead turtle from hatchling to maturity on a two-year adventure of more than 9,000 miles guided only by instinct. The film is a remarkable example of wildlife documentary filmmaking and is narrated by Academy Award nominee Miranda Richardson.

June 18, 2011

Summer Nights at SeaWorld Starts Tonight!

There’s no better place to be when the sun sets in Orlando than at Summer Nights at SeaWorld when waves of fun wash over the park with fantastic shows, thrilling coasters under the stars, and a nightly fireworks and fountain finale. 

Summer Nights runs June 18 through August 14 – and SeaWorld is open until 10 p.m. .

Headlining Summer Nights is Shamu Rocks, a larger-than-life experience where guests jam to a rock-n-roll beat;Sea Lions Tonite, an uproarious show featuring Clyde and Seamore that will have everyone in stitches; andReflections, the sky-filling fireworks and fountains finale that ends the night with a bang. 

New this year, Summer Nights Central, located on Bayside pathway, comes alive every night at 6 p.m.  Guests dance the night away at this family-friendly, nightly party as a DJ spins the latest tunes and rockin’, live bands perform each weekend.  In addition, beer, wine, frozen drinks and plenty of delicious snacks such as soft pretzels, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy and tasty Blue Bunny® ice cream will be available.

And now, adults pay the kid’s price plus get a second day free at SeaWorld to enjoy the park on their schedule.  It’s the best way to experience Summer Nights.  For more information and to purchase tickets go to SeaWorldOrlando.com.

June 11, 2011

Grand Reef Opens At Discovery Cove Review, Pictures & Video!

Yesterday, Discovery Cove opened its first-ever expansion since the park opened in 2001, The Grand Reef. It is on a piece of previously unused land which is now a huge reef. It is home to a great deal of sea life including but not limited to: rays, fish, eels, and even sharks! Although some of them were in the previous reef, which has now been closed to make way for a new fresh water reef opening next year, it is a much bigger reef and a lot nicer than the previous one.
There are many ways to experience The Grand Reef. By taking the normal route and swimming with a complimentary mask and snorkel, wading through the shallow waters, taking a SeaVenture into the deep waters, crossing bridges above the water, and just relaxing and taking it all in from the shore. Throughout the reef there is a ton of man-made coral which is very colorful and striking against the brown and tan colors of the rocks and sand. The eels and sharks are separated from guests by huge slanted glass enclousres. The sharks are very easy to view but the eels are a bit hidden. 
Overall, The Grand Reef is a great addition to an already great park. The interactions with sea life is something you can't experience elsewhere and the theming of the area is superb! The beautiful water walls, rock work, and greenery make this reef even better. With only around 1,000 guests per day, guests can relax and enjoy everything Discovery Cove has to offer at their own pace. Keep checking back for more information on Discovery Cove and their future expansion which will open in 2012! 

June 5, 2011

Turtle: The Incredible Journey Poster & Trailer Released!

The website for Turtle: The Incredible Journey is now live. It includes the poster, a trailer and event a nice description of the film. Remember, it is being released in select theaters on July 24th, 2011! This is sure to be a great film and a great start of SeaWorld Pictures. We can't wait to see what else is to come from SeaWorld Pictures in the coming years and we will be keeping you updated on everything SeaWorld Pictures! Check out the poster above and the trailer below. To visit the website click here: turtle-film.com