June 11, 2011

Grand Reef Opens At Discovery Cove Review, Pictures & Video!

Yesterday, Discovery Cove opened its first-ever expansion since the park opened in 2001, The Grand Reef. It is on a piece of previously unused land which is now a huge reef. It is home to a great deal of sea life including but not limited to: rays, fish, eels, and even sharks! Although some of them were in the previous reef, which has now been closed to make way for a new fresh water reef opening next year, it is a much bigger reef and a lot nicer than the previous one.
There are many ways to experience The Grand Reef. By taking the normal route and swimming with a complimentary mask and snorkel, wading through the shallow waters, taking a SeaVenture into the deep waters, crossing bridges above the water, and just relaxing and taking it all in from the shore. Throughout the reef there is a ton of man-made coral which is very colorful and striking against the brown and tan colors of the rocks and sand. The eels and sharks are separated from guests by huge slanted glass enclousres. The sharks are very easy to view but the eels are a bit hidden. 
Overall, The Grand Reef is a great addition to an already great park. The interactions with sea life is something you can't experience elsewhere and the theming of the area is superb! The beautiful water walls, rock work, and greenery make this reef even better. With only around 1,000 guests per day, guests can relax and enjoy everything Discovery Cove has to offer at their own pace. Keep checking back for more information on Discovery Cove and their future expansion which will open in 2012! 


Hockeyman55 said...

Awesome update! Any clue to what they may have in store to build where the old reef used to be?

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