July 23, 2011

Summer Nights 2011 at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando's lineup of nighttime festivities are truly something you cannot miss! SeaWorld's Summer Nights is a special event the will run through August 14th. Here are some of my insider tips after spending a few nights at the park:

-Make sure to try to have two nights to spend at SeaWorld Summer Nights! There's so much to do, it is quite difficult to cram it all into one night!

-Sea Lions Tonight is beyond funny, and The Mime from the daytime show returns, not only during the preshow, but makes several cameos in the show!

-Shamu Rocks will get the headbanger buried inside you and make you get up and cheer for all that Shamu and Crew has in store! The two best spots to be in the show is center higher up for the Eruption guitar solo; the second being next to the fountains! SeaWorld integrated the fountains made for One Ocean into the new show, so be sure to get SOAKED!!!

-After you had your Shamu Soaking for the night, this is where the two nights come in handy: SeaWorld set up Summer Nights perfectly so you have at least one hour between the end of Shamu Rocks and the park's firework spectacle, Reflections (and the park's closing). If you want a late night rush, head over to Manta, Kraken, and Journey to Atlantis across the park, or if you want to relax and enjoy the night wwith some great music and entertainment, check out Summer Nights Central, located next to Bayside Stadium!

-There's two ways to experience Reflections, now with music from One Ocean! You can get a seat at Bayside Stadium where they do a great preshow as well! You can also check it out from The Waterfront, a good idea if you decide to ride the rides or check out the animals sleeping ;-)

And for the summer, SeaWorld has a new ticket called "Summer Nights After 3PM Ticket!" for only $49.99! Head over to SeaWorldParks.com for more info! And if you have any other tips, make sure to tweet us @SWONation, at twitter.com/swonation


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