April 1, 2011

Behind the Scenes Rescue Tour Review

The SeaWorld Rescue Tour is one of the most popular, and interesting tours, available at SeaWorld Orlando. Through SeaWorld's Partner Hotel Programs and Vacation Packages (more information on that here), this tour is free for one day during your stay! This tour, when taken through the hotel deal, is a 30 minute tour through SeaWorld's "North Support," the head station for rescue and rehabilitation for the park's rescue missions, located behind and between Key West at SeaWorld and Manatee Rescue.
The tour shows different rescued animals at the facilities, everything from birds to manatees, and dolphins to sea turtles. The goal for all these animals are release back into the wild. From the start of 2011 until March 26rd, 2011, 11 manatees were rescued from the wild, and 12 were released back into the wild since then. I highly recommend this tour, very educational and truly tons of fun!
As a side note, if you ever see an sick or injured animal in the wild, dial your local FWC center, or 911 if not available. SeaWorld Orlando responds to calls all over the state of Florida, and has worked with sick animals as far north as New England.

Animal Transport Unit

Rescue Transport Vehicles

Blind Sea Turtle rescued, SeaWorld is doing its best to help this creature and seems to be doing a great job!

Manatee Facilities

Bottlenose Dolphins, these animals are not rescues but were in need of special attention away from the main habitats.


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